Because of the compromise of Target’s card processing system we are taking special precautions for any customer who has used their card at Target.  If you are one of these customers our fraud detection software has been enhanced to apply stricter detection criteria on your account.  We also ask that you monitor your account constantly using Mobile Money, Online Banking or Telebank.  Mobile Money allows you the ability to constantly monitor your account activity through a cell phone.  If you don’t already have this service contact your Branch and we will assist you with the enrollment process. At the first sign of fraudulent activity on your account you should immediately call Torri Adams at 936-414-2625. 

Currently we have not seen any fraud relating to this compromise.  Because of this, and the inconvenience to you, our customer, we have elected not to undertake a mass card cancellation at this time.  Should you experience any fraudulent activity we will refund your loss in our normal manner.

As we learn about the details of this compromise we will advise you of further action which might be necessary.

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