Bank Officers:

Mark Lowery – Chief Executive Officer
Joe Lowery – Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Wallace II – Chief Information Officer
Mark Ivey – President
Keith Swearingen – Sr. Vice-President
Mary Ellen Lowe – Exec. Vice-President/Cashier
Carol McClain – Vice-President of Operations
Gerald Mackey – Vice-President
Sheryl Lawrence – Vice-President Loan Administration
Connie Nichols – Vice-President
Ray Ann Baker – Vice-President
Mary Cummings – Vice-President
Neely Powell – Vice-President
Rhonda Davis – Vice-President
Connie Walker – Vice-President
Torri Adams – Asst. Vice-President
John Mark Lowery -Asst. Vice-President


Mark Lowery, Chairman of the Board
Gene Blount
Harold Cogswell
Rodney Dean
David Graves
Mark Ivey
Mary Ellen Lowe
Gerald Mackey
Keith Swearingen
Joe Lowery, Advisory Director
John Mark Lowery, Advisory Director



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